Firestop installations

2013 division into two companies

Palokatkotukku Parkkinen Oy

Structural fire safety
Firestops and fire protection

PKT-turva Oy

(Fire) safety for people
Firestop plans, atex, OHSAS
Emergency plans for real estates
Safety training

 Finnish personnel

 We offer cost-effective solutions, which fullfill the requirements of authorities, customers and end-users

 We operate nationwide in Finnish territory

 Offices in Oulu and Hyvinkää

 More than 3500 projects in 15 years

We offer our customers operating model that will ensure:

 Safe modern penetrations
 Cost-effective solutions
 Structural solutions adopted by insurance companies and by the authorities
 Professional installation
 Easy maintenance, documentation and follow-up

Our design partner is PKT-turva Oy

 Expertise, CE-marked, ETA-approved structural solutions
 Knowledge about the industry regulatory requirements, different products and uses of products
 Select the right option for customer needs
 Moisture, food fitness, hygiene, pressure resistance, LEED, BREEAM etc.
 To design solutions so that installation is easy and the second planning is minimized

High-quality implementation

 Certified firestop installers
 Installers are trained constantly to new products and installation methods
 Installers are familiar with the compatibility of different products to ambient conditions
 Installers are doing the documentation actively in the whole set-up time
 Products used are ETA-approved firestop products with CE mark


 A well-designed and implemented high-quality solution -> When we operate with right and best solutions it allows easy maintenance and cost-effectiveness
 Safe later cabling

A continuous process



 Product indentification
 ETA number
 Fire class
 CE / Other
 Installators signature and date
 Optimized for special applications

Working safety

 According to finish regulations
 Occupational Safety Card for common industrial workplaces
 Photo ID
 Personal safety equipment

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